published articles on mining activities in rural communities

published articles on mining activities in rural communities

Food Security in Artisanal Mining Communities An Exploration of Rural

1. Introduction. Approximately 100 million people including miners and their family members are dependent on artisanal and smallscale mining (ASM) activities across 80 countries 1 2 .In contrast to industrial or largescale mining ASM is described as a laborintensive activity conducted by individual miners or small enterprises with limited use of mechanical tools limited capital

The Impact and Effect of Illegal Mining (galamsey) towards the Socio

sector. In Ghana the Minerals and Mining Law was enacted under PNDC Law 153 in 1986 to register and regulate the activities of mining companies. Gold is a very precious mineral that everyone who finds it sees it as a blessing. Revenue generated from gold will increase disposable income ( s income) tax revenue GDP per

Climate change adaptation in Australian mining communities comparing

Effective climate change adaptation in mining communities is reliant on action by both local authorities and mining operations. This article reports the findings of two surveys conducted in late 2010 with Australian mining companies and local government authorities respectively investigating their perceptions and activities related to climate change adaptation. The research identified the

Impact of SmallScale Mining Activities on the Livelihoods Assets of

The livelihood asset is a primary concern in support of livelihoods poverty elimination and enhancing sustainable development particularly true for mining communities. Underpinned by this the general objective of the study was to assess the impact of smallscale mining activities on the livelihood assets of households in the Bekwai Municipality Ghana.

Indigenous communities in Zimbabwe struggle to hold Chineseowned

Aug 8 2021The socializing of costs is evident through forced evictions and relocations of communities from their traditional homelands without prior informed consent to pave way for mining activities. This has led to communities suffering from loss of agricultural and grazing land thereby affecting their food security and sources of income." Zimbabwe

sbm published articles on mining activities in rural

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Zimbabwe s Rural Communities Standing up to Chinese Mining Companies

MUTARE Zimbabwe—Zimbabwe s rural communities are beginning to stand up to Chinese companies operating in the country as evidenced by the recent demonstrations against plans for a mining project in the Domboshava area north of the capital Harare. Villagers in Domboshava have been sending petitions to the government and holding protests against the quarry mine proposed by China Aihua

Mining companies should not neglect their CSR obligations

Jun 2 2021The situation in Deka area reflects how some mining companies working in rural communities are neglecting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations by not investing in development resulting in constant clashes with the locals. CSR has been suggested as one of the ways through which the difficulties associated with mining can be

Opencast coal mining and rural livelihoods a study of SonepurBazari

Jun 2 2021The demand of coal has led to expand the mining activities nationwide which helps to improve the economic growth of the national capital. At the same time it is the source of inevitable social and environmental consequences. In the developing countries especially rural areas are often affected by this complex nature of mining. The local livelihood suffers most by mininginduced displacement

Frontiers Sustainable Development in Mining Communities The Case of

Jun 30 2022The socioeconomic profiles of all the towns townships mine villages informal settlements industrial areas and rural areas in the Far West Rand are given in Table 5 and plotted on barometers of wellbeing in Figures 5 6. Full results for individual communities are provided in the Supplementary Tables S2 S3. These overall results show that

Benefits accruing to rural communities from the mining industry s

Mining activities are recognizable and visibly seen in the nature and scope of its activities in Africa. Even though there is a growing concern of the negative dimensions of mining activities on

Effect of illegal smallscale mining on basic education of children in

Mar 18 2021Effect of illegal smallscale mining on basic education of children in rural communities in Ghana perspectives for future development. to economic growth and livelihood diversification the activities of this highly informal sector pose diverse challenges. Environmental pollution and social problems can hinder development. small scale

blished articles mining activities rural communities

Jun 01 2021· The results indicate that within the nonmining communities children under 18 years of age do not participate in ASM but in the mining localities about 6 of the miners were below 18 years old (see Table 2).The result shows that male heads ( ) involved in mining activities slightly dominate across all the communities as

Effects of Sand Mining Activities on Land in Agraian Communities of

This study examined the effects of sand mining activities of rural people on agricultural land in Ogun State Nigeria. A multistage sampling technique was used to select 240 respondents from 24 rural communities in the state. Data on personal characteristics livelihood options and their peculiarities were collected using interview guides. Soil samples were also collected and analysed to

Are mines adequately addressing rural and tribal communities

Feb 23 2021Each community is fundamentally different and several factors such as tribal and community structures. existing land rights land claims ethnicity and socioeconomic requirements need to be taken into consideration. As such any strategy must be regionally and community specific. Community is not a collective or allencompassing term.

NGO s concerns over illegal mining in rural communities

Though such mining activities affect relatively small areas and also serves as a source of income and livelihood for rural mining communities and their inhabitants. there are also great environmental damages done to the surrounding natural habitat. Results vary from water body s contamination with heavy metal to the release of mercury which is

published articles on mining activities in rural communities

Most rural communities live in severe poverty and there is very little development activities taking place in these areas. According to Koch (1993 28) rural areas in South Africa have always remained poor impoverished undeveloped and less inhabited.

Examining health and well‐being outcomes associated with mining

It is recognised internationally that rural communities often experience greater barriers to accessing services and have poorer health outcomes compared to urban communities. In some settings health disparities may be further exacerbated by mining activity which can affect the social physical and economic environment in which rural

Rural livelihoods largescale mining and agrarian change in Mapela

The second part summaries the political economy of poverty in rural areas of South Africa. This is followed by a discussion of the methods used in the research process. in this case mining activities in the platinum belt are presented as an avenue for bringing about economic development and creating jobs for rural households who

Benefits and Burdens of the Mining Boom for Rural Communities

87 _____ International Journal of Rural Law and Policy Special edition 1 2014 Mining in a sustainable world Lawrie et al in a cross sectional study on 33 resource communities in Western

published articles on mining activities in rural communities

SocioEconomic Impact of Coal Mining Industry in Assam Published of Mining on Rural Communities community perceptions of mining activities . mining activities for local communities who affected preparing employment the local government can also use Village Fund Budget to improve rural welfare .

PDF Environmental Impacts of Mining A Study of Mining Communities in

A study by Mensah et al. 8 on the environmental impact of Ghana Prestea mining found that rivers in the mining communities serving as a major source of water for domestic and agricultural use

Mining Land and Community in Communal Areas Ii Mineral Rights and

Surface owners are not the only landowners or occupiers who may face undue hardship because of mining. The Bapo Ba Mogale community example from my introductory brief includes people who occupy land near mines but not the land actually being mined. They assert that the mining causes cracks in their houses and dust that kills their crops.

Impact of illegal mining activities on forest ecosystem services local

The three communities Nkatieso Ntakam and Asawinso (Fig. 1) were purposively selected for the study based on the relative extent to which illegal mining activities had been carried out. By observation the three communities were noted as the most vibrant places where illegal mining activities were taking place in the entire district.